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Orkney Sustainable Energy Ltd. - Renewable Energy Design and Management


  • Design and Management of wind energy projects
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Renewable Energy Consultants
  • Measurement and Analysis
  • Provision of Post-construction Inspection
  • Engineering Consultancy and Site Supervision


    Vestas V52 at Northfield Farm, Burray

 The Vestas V52 on Burray

This project is an 850kW wind turbine and has been in operation since 2005.  The Burray V52 has been an excellent locally owned renewable energy development, producing on average 3060 MWh per annum over the last 16 years.


Detailed information on current projects can be found at www.orkneywind.com/explore



Orkney generation


Orkney Smart Grid Production and Demand


Orkney was the first part of the country to have an automatic smart grid.  This link shows electricity demand and production in Orkney, as well as highlighting the parts of the local grid subject to curtailment.  Orkney is now a net exporter of renewable generation to Scotland.  


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