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 4 Day Wind Forecast for Orkney


You can find the wind and wave forecast for your own area by going to the windfinder.com website.  Predicting the weather can be a challenge, however one of the main driving forces behind weather patterns in the UK is the location of the Jet Stream.  This normally travels across the UK at a latitude of around 60°, leading to high winds and stormy conditions in northern latitudes, however since 2008 the Jet Stream has been traversing southern England and France, at a latitude of 50°.  This has resulted in high winds occuring in unusual locations, and could be an indication of a change in long term weather patterns.  This is the current position of the jet stream, and a forecast can be found at the metcheck website. 

Nuclear or Renewables?

Stromness is the centre of renewable energy in Orkney, however at one time there was a possibility that Uranium ore would be extracted from an open cast mine surrounding the town. The British Geological Society found Uranium at a concentration of 1000 ppm at Mill of Cairston, near Stromness in 1972, leading to the proposal for an open cast mine by Rio Tinto Zinc in 1980.  Orkney is also the home of Sir Peter Maxwell Davies, the Queens Composer of Music and one of the most important and influential composers of our time, www.maxopus.com;  the music track below is Farewell to Stromness, taken from the Yellow Cake Revue, first performed at the St Magnus Festival in Kirkwall by Max and Eleanor Bron in June 1980.  The Yellow Cake Revue took its name from the term for refined uranium ore, and the revue was written to highlight the threat of the proposed uranium mine to the economy and ecology of Orkney. The proposal lead to significant unrest within Stromness and Orkney against the nuclear industry, ultimately turning Orkney into a renewables community.

Farewell to Stromness, by Sir Peter Maxwell Davies


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